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    Balakrishna Chaturvedula
    Unable to view DFF on Manage Orders screen
    Topic posted February 21, 2018 by Balakrishna ChaturvedulaBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged How-To, Orders 
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    Unable to view DFF on Manage Orders screen
    When I search for Purchase orders on Manage Orders screen only the DFF context appears but not underlying segments

    Hi All,

    We are on R12. When I search for Purchase orders on Manage Orders screen only the DFF context appears but not underlying segments. When I click on a PO # link and open the Purchase order I can see all of the information. I know we cannot search by DFFs but I am not sure what is preventing me from viewing the DFF segments. Any ideas?

    Thanks, Bala.




    • Antonio Delgado

      Hey Bala,

      I assume that the DFFs that you are referring to that are not showing up in the table format are the context sensitive segments.  As of right now we don't have context sensitive segments in our table format, here is an explanation of why (copying from another forum where I addressed this issue):

      Regarding the context sensitive segments, we do not support them in table format. The reason is because each row in the table could have a different context.

      For example:

      Row 1 has context of OSA which has 7 segments
      Row 2 can have a context of PSA with 9 distinct segments from OSA
      Row 3 can have a context of TSA with 5 distinct segments from OSA and PSA
      and so on

      The columns have to apply to every row hence why we only see context sensitive segments in form layout. The additional information columns in the table apply for Global segments since that applies to all rows.  The only way to show context sensitive segments on the table format is if we use a detail stamp region, this is an expandable region for each row i.e. what we have in the search results table of the Process Requisitions page.  If that feature is desirable please file an enhancement request with business justification so the functionality can be reviewed for consideration.  Thanks.

      • Balakrishna Chaturvedula


        I got same response on Oracle SR. But to my surprise, one of the users is able to see DFFs but nobody else. I verified the access and everything else. I have same access but I am unable to view. Not sure how could that be.

        Thanks, Bala.

    • Antonio Delgado

      We have also seen a customer who was able to somehow do a customization to make the context sensitive segments show but it had some sporadic behavior which we did not assist to resolve because it is not supported.