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    Vishal Sharma
    Apply AR Receipt to Specific Invoice lines
    Topic posted October 29, 2019 by Vishal SharmaGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Receivables 
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    Apply AR Receipt to Specific Invoice lines
    Oracle Fusion Receivables

    We have issue in applying receipt to an invoice that has lines with mixed tax rates
    The receipt application rule set is "Line and Tax Prorate"

    Sample AR Invoice with mixed Tax rates ( 15% and 0%)

    -Line 1: $100 (15% Tax)
    -Tax 1 : $15

    -Line 2: $20 (15% Tax)
    (Admin Fee)
    -Tax 2:  $3

    -Line 3: $10 (0% Tax)
    -Tax 3 : $0 

    Total Amount: $148  (100+15+20+3+10)
    Total Amount Excluding Admin Fee: $125 ((100+15+10)

    Our business waives of Admin fee if the customer pays before the due date. Hence the admin fee $23 ($20+$3) has to be waived off.

    Customer pays $125 but this amount is prorated to all the invoice lines which produces unexpected result.

    Is there a way to apply the $125 to only Line 1, Tax 1, Line 3 and Tax 3 ($100,$15,$10,$0=$125)?



    • Sudhakara Rao Kovuru

      I don't think can't pick specific invoice lines to apply receipt.... you can check alternative solution like adjusments/writeoff/creditmemo on invoice for waived off amount then remaining you can apply to receipt.

    • James McBride

      Application at the line level is not available at this time. This is a common enhancement request from Receivables customers.