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    Barry Greenhut
    Keeping up with Risk Management
    Topic posted April 8, 2019 by Barry GreenhutBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited October 29, 2019, tagged Advanced Controls, Compliance, ERP, Financial Reporting Compliance, Financial Transactions, Financials, Fraud, Governance, GRC, Public Sector, Risk Management, Sarbanes Oxley, Security, Separation of Duties, SOX 
    Keeping up with Risk Management

    Each quarter we update your environments with new and improved functionality. To prepare, check out What's New - it describes significant changes and tells you how to get ready:

    • What's New in 19D: We introduced streamlined home page icons and application configuration pages; improved time zone support, risk models, surveys, and transaction business objects; new pre-built access and transaction models; and much more.
      • A few features are available only under Controlled Availability - they should not be used in production until they become Generally Available: the Business Object Visualization Tool for transaction/audit objects, the REST API for Third-Party Provisioning Tools, Access Certification's Users' Direct Managers Can Review Role Assignments, and Bell Notifications.
      • In addition to the changes described in What's New, we introduced a new search technology on the Manage Jobs page that affects saved searches.
    • What's New in 19C: Learn about upcoming changes including: pre-built Advanced Controls content is now available within a content library inside the product; access analyses automatically exclude results based on procurement agent configuration; transaction data synchronization performance is enhanced by eliminating redundant language related data; Financial Reporting Compliance's assessment completion page has been enhanced; and many more.
    • What's New in 19B: Learn about a new way to get notifications, an important change for folks who use the Language attribute in AFC controls, continuous certification, new pre-built content, and 43 other significant changes.
    • What's New in 19A: We introduced new automation for fine-tuning access analyses, new and improved AFC business objects, and 34 more. In addition, we...
    • What's New in 18C: We provided greater control over who can see and perform FRC assessments, user-defined AAC access points, Access Certification automation, pre-built content for HCM, and over a dozen more.

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