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    Marcus Comins
    Using source agreement (CPA) for a PO in PO approval...
    Topic posted June 3, 2019 by Marcus CominsSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, last edited June 3, 2019, tagged Agreements, Approvals, Requisition Processing 
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    Using source agreement (CPA) for a PO in PO approval rules
    I am unable to find an indicator which can distinguish between PO lines assigned to a CPA and those which are not in the Purchasing Document approval rules

    We need to distinguish approval rule behaviour based on whether a standard purchase order line is associated to a source agreement (CPA) document or not.

    I was surprised to not see something like 'Source Agreement Number' as an available attribute in the purchasing document approval rules.  If it was we could have used something like 'Source Agreement Number is not null'.

    Is there any way to differentiate betwen orders assignd to CPAs or not? Has anyone else had this requirement and found a way round it?


    Note - I notice that source agreement fields are available in requisition approvals so not quite sure why they dont seem to be available for PO approval.  I have also found an existing ER for this (2365097) that has ben open for a few years



    • Suman Guha

      The closest you can get to is to use the following attribute.

      All Lines Negotiated

      This attribute returns true if all order lines are flagged as negotiated. The lines are flagged as negotiated if they are sourced from a blanket or a punch out with negotiated prices or was the result of a negotiation award.

      Could you elaborate on your scenario a bit more?



      • Mohanish Mahajan

        Hi Suman,

        We got the exact same requirement to route purchase order sfor approval depending on if a contract agreement is referenced or not ? And we are struggling to locate a suitable determinant attribute in the PO approval rules.

        We think 'All lines Negotiatied' is not a reliable attribute as system allow to have CPA reference even if negotiated flag is unchecked. Is there any other attribute that can be used, please guide ?

        We plan to use Contract agreements to record an approval for an estimated spend against a service provider over a quarter. Having CPA reference on the PO would indicate that the PO is tracked under that budget and hence needs to be treated differently for approval.