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    Kevin Werntz
    Course Meeting Schedule Function leads to incorrect Student...
    Topic posted October 11, 2019 by Kevin WerntzRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Curriculum Management 
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    Course Meeting Schedule Function leads to incorrect Student Record and Storefront display about class date
    Bug 30230598. Has been confirmed and a solution identified for Release 20A

    Can anyone comment on how you are working around this.  We are attempting to build a Spring 2020 Catalog for our Non-Credit programs at 1 college.  This college will serve as the template for our remaining 21 colleges.  The school also has a significant VA benefit student base.  If the dates do not align with the student record, the VA Audits have the potential to deny the Vets reimbursement for their tuition.  Oracle is indicating that we should not put live students into this until the release sometime in February and any data input prior to that will not be corrected with the appropriate date.  

    The work around is to set the class start date a day later than the actual date.  Why is this a quarterly release and not an emergency fix.  Are there any other live storefronts out there?  Any suggestions on how you are working around this?

    The only option we can see is to not build a schedule in the course and enroll the student manually. That means we will have to take the registration manually most likely, call the student to get payment, and now publish the date in the description and not have the correct back-end structure to have clean data. 

    Open to any ideas, We are attempting to conduct parallel process testing (Enroll students by old method/enroll student by Oracle method) November 1st (or I guess in the bug syntax November 2nd..>)





    • Leslie Gardner

      Hi Kevin!  The workaround for this bug is to manually change the date in "Edit Meetings" before saving the Meeting Occurrence on the Scheduled Course. Hope that helps!