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    Purchasing Documents Pending Approval
    Topic posted July 28, 2018 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Approvals/Notification, Business Intelligence - BI, How-To 
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    Purchasing Documents Pending Approval
    A Report showing purchasing documents which are currently pending approval and the person they are currently assigned to.

    My colleague had provided this article in the BI Analytics section a while ago. I thought it would be relevant to post it here for any new customers that are following this forum.

    Business Requirement:

    If you want a report that simply shows the current approver for a purchasing document (that is, you want to know with whom a document is pending), you can create one using the BPM UI Views. Please see the image in the attached document BPM UI View - PendingApproverReport. Note that you will need to create a seperate report (i.e. seperate BPM UI View) for each type of purchasing document approval process that you are interested in.

    If you need more details, such as how long the document has been pending with the current approver, the approver's email, their manager's email and so on, follow the instructions below to download and run a report created using BI Publisher. This is a single report which covers purchase orders, contract purchase agreements, blanket purchase agreements and requisitions

    How to generate / execute this Report:

    To add this content to your environment:

    1. For R13 (and higher) environments
      • Download RPT_PendingApprover.xdoz
      • Download DM_PendingApprover_R13.xdmz
      • Rename DM_PendingApprover_R13.xdmz to DM_PendingApprover.xdmz
    2. Log in to BI Publisher, click on the Catalogs link and locate the folder where you want to save the report and its corresponding data model e.g. Shared Folders>Custom

    3. Click the ‘Upload Resource’ icon

    4. Select the Data Model File (DM_PendingApprover.xdmz) and click to Upload

    5. Repeat Steps 3 & 4 for the Report File (RPT_PendingApprover.xdoz)

    6. Both the data model and report should now be successfully uploaded and visible in your catalog

    7. Select the report and click on ‘Open’ to run the report

    The following attributes are displayed on the report

    Document Type (i.e purchase order, agreement, requisition)
    Document Number
    Date document was submitted
    Current Approver (and their email, their manager)
    Date document was assigned to the current approver
    How many days have elapsed since document was submitted for approval



    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Hi Ashok,

      Good document.Thanks for posting!!

      - Ramesh


    • Sunny Todkari

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Jim Van Tongerloo

      Thanks! Good document/report.

      (Note: I had to manually link the Data Model - even after renaming the DM first - because it was not fetching it correct and th report gave an error.)

      ~ Jim

    • Renan Robles

      This is a great report. I needed someone in my IT team to upload it since I did not have the proper access. Now it is working and I use it as reference often. I do have some feedback which I will address with my internal IT team. For some reason under Assignee Manager it is showing multiple former managers, even some of which are no longer with the company. Why is that? I would think this is real time and former employees should not be there.

      Also, it includes some pending change orders on approved POs but does not show the date the change order was submitted. It would be nice to have the change order submitted day. I think our internal IT team can also add this.