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    Jorge Villalba
    sourceVariable in System.Intent
    Topic posted June 11, 2019 by Jorge Villalba, tagged Mobile 
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    sourceVariable in System.Intent

    I am working in a chatbot and I found an inconvenient in the state of the Intent.

    I am using the property  sourceVarible and I'm having a problem when the chatbot displays more than one Intent to answer and for some reason the user decides to type instead of choosing. The most logical thing is that the bot evaluates the new user input, but it doesn´t do it and it displays the list of Intents again.

    I need to use the property sourceVariable because I am cleaning the String of text of iResult in other state.

    is there any form to clean the String without using the property sourceVariable or I need something else?



    • Grant Ronald

      Ive reproduced this - let check something else

    • Grant Ronald

      Ok I've logged a bug on this bug:29910917  however it could be argued that the component is doing the right thing - you are overriding the user input in using the sourceVariable property - I've suggested maybe we could add a textReceived property which would allow you to branch IF the user types in something.