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    Shail Dave
    Search Refresh & Multiple Delete Issue with Array
    Topic posted June 2, 2019 by Shail Dave, tagged Action Flows, Composite Component, Custom Code, JET, Layout, Process, Services, Web 
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    Search Refresh & Multiple Delete Issue with Array
    I am unable to refresh the search array results on search button re-click & Multiple delete on array is not working

    Hi Everyone,

    I have made an editable page out of an Array for Create, Update & Delete operation. I am able to perform the update and create in the search array. But the main problem is to delete and search operation.

    Steps I have performed:

    1.  Get the data from REST and insert into my Array

    2. Display the Array results on my editable search screen


    1. When I search for the first time I get the correct result, but when I search again the results are appending to my Array [Problem 1]

    2. When I do multiple delete on the table I get all the selected records but after the first Fire Data Provider event, the for loop behaves oddly. If I select 4 rows it deletes only 3 rows, similarly when I delete 2 it deletes 1 (somehow the for loop is messed up after Fire Data Provider Event) [Problem]

    Request you to reach out with any approaches based on your experience or knowledge to solve this type of scenario.

    Thanks in advance.

    Code Snippet:
    Action.mp4 (385KB)