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    Beth Bleijie
    Payables Invoice Register - report changed?
    Topic posted December 5, 2018 by Beth BleijieBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited February 6, 2019, tagged Financials, Payables, Reports 
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    Payables Invoice Register - report changed?
    Where can I get the data I used to get from the Payables Invoice Register?

    I ran a Payables Invoice Register about a month ago, and got the data I wanted from it.

    When I run one today it appears to be a totally different layout, with different details, and I can't get what I want from it.

    About 3 weeks ago Oracle ran Maintenance for us, and we are still finding things which got screwed up as a result, including major problems with canned reports. . .so this may be the cause of the change, I'm not sure.

    I do not have a copy of the Payables Invoice Register I ran prior to that Maintenance (it was Excel, and I have greatly edited it), but I am certain that the format I'm getting now is totally different.

    So either I'm not running the same report, or it changed very dramatically.

    Bottom line, how do I get an Excel report with the following info by invoice line:

    Supplier Name


    Distribution Code

    Accounting Date



    • Jenny Truong

      Hi Beth,

      Normally Oracle would back up your reports in Shared Folders/Custom/Back up - is this the case?

      This is the Payables Invoice Register from Release 11 - 

      Is this what it looked like? 

      I've extracted the report from a Fusion demo environment. You could try importing it into your environment. 'Payables Invoice Register.catalog'

      This Oracle blog describes the process to import/unarchive a report. Make sure you have Oracle BI security roles. 


      • Felix Beaudoin

        I was going to say the same. It's important that when you modify a seeded report, that you customize the report and store it in the Custom folders. If you do not do this, Oracle should store it as indicated above but I have heard before that there is no guarantee around this backup taking place because the BI documentation clearly indicates that you should never modify the seeded report/data model directly.

      • Beth Bleijie

        Hi Jenny,

        That looks like the report I'm seeing now, so I'm guessing that the report I found before was something different.

        The one you provided a link for is highly formatted, more useful as a PDF.  I managed to find a report before which was more of a table, one line for each line of a Payables invoice.  For example column A was the Business Unit, column B was the Supplier's name, column C was the Invoice number, etc.  They were subtotaled, I think by Supplier.  I had to un-merge the whole sheet, then get the blanks to fill-down (for example, a Supplier name only appeared on one line, with blank cells below it for each additional line of data, until the next Supplier name).  I remember having to Google how to do that for the whole sheet, because it was 1000's of lines long and I couldn't do it one supplier at a time manually. 

        The current report (the PDF-looking format) came up with over 20,000 lines for one month's transactions, and as a result comes up with an error for this.  The format I remember didn't have that many lines, and didn't error.

        The crazy thing is that I saved it as "Payables Invoice Register" but the format isn't anything like a Payables Invoice Register.

        So, any tips on where to find the following info by invoice line: Supplier Name, Amount, Distribution Combination, Accounting Date?

        The report I used was so helpful, and was supposed to be a monthly report I create, but that's proving tough since I can't figure out how I did it last time!

        • Beth Bleijie

          Well, I finally stumbled across the right report!

          When I look at a list of reports (or search for a report title) sometimes two come up with slightly different icons. 

          Apparently one format is BI Publisher, the other is Dashboard.  See attached image.

          In this case there is one of each titled "Payables Invoice Register" and it was the Dashboard version which gave me what I was after.



    • Becky Alvarez

      All seeded reports and the subject areas are listed in the AP User Guide.  Here is the section for the Payables Invoice Register.  If you scroll to the end you will see what subject area is used for the report which has been updated in 18C according to the What's New Document.