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    Lorna Rickett
    Session expiry
    Topic posted May 8, 2019 by Lorna RickettSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points 
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    Session expiry
    How does the session expiry work?


    We've noticed the session expiry message showing (correctly!) but we're confused by what restarts the session. I can just ask another question but it seems to go to unresolved ... the only way we can restart fully is to refresh. Should we be advising customers to refresh or is something in our dialog making us go to unresolved?





    • Vincent Heinink

      Hi Lorna,

      Session expiration happens when you have a session (conversation is currently in one of the states, so it did not end with return: "done") and there is no activity between user and bot for a period longer than the session expiration time configured on the channel.

      When it happens, you will receive an expired session error prompt that is configurable on the skill itself. Then the session ends and any new user input will start from the initial state of the dialog flow.

      If you have a specific scenario that is not working for you, please raise an SR so we can assist you better.

      Thank you.

      Best regards,


      • Jorge Villalba

        Hello Vicent

        Do you know if it is possible to catch the error?.

        For example, I would like to invoke some service before the session expire.

        thank you

    • Vincent Heinink

      HI Jorge,

      Sorry, currently this is not configurable. I have added your request to a potential enhancement.

      Best regards,