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    Rebecca Walker
    Crediting Partially Invoiced Transactions
    Topic posted October 28, 2019 by Rebecca Walker, tagged Project Billing & Revenue 
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    Crediting Partially Invoiced Transactions
    unable to create a credit memo for partially invoiced transactions

    Six invoices with partially invoiced transactions were released and interfaced with AR. The partially invoiced transaction is due to the hard limit being reached on the contract line. Once identified, four invoices were credited in full with no issues but two invoices cannot be credited in full. When cancel invoice is selected, a credit memo is created for only the transactions that were invoiced in full however the partially invoiced transaction is flagged as uninvoiced in Manage Project Costs.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue and were you able to resolve it?  If so, how?




    • Perry Unrau

      Hi Rebecca,

      Based on the information you have shared, this sounds like a bug.  I would recommend you log an SR, attach page shots of the relevant information to the SR, and ask Global Support to engage Development in the investigation of the problem, if Global Support has difficulty with the analysis.