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    Manas Desai
    Data management Mapping - Map parent to a different segment
    Topic posted October 13, 2019 by Manas Desai, tagged Data Export / Import, Integrations 
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    Data management Mapping - Map parent to a different segment
    Map same dimension members to different GL segments in data management

    The hierarchy structure of entity dimension in our EPBCS solution is designed such that LOB's (Line of business) roll up to entity. However, in GL, LOB and Entity are two different segments.

    We are trying to push budget data from EPBCS to GL via data management. We were able to easily map Line of business in EPBCS with GL LOB segment. However, since in EPBCS entities are parents of LOB's, how can we map these entities with GL entity segment? Do we need to write Jython or SQL script?

    Has anyone mapped level zero members to one GL segment and their parents (level one members) to a different GL segment? Please advice. 

    Thank you!




    • Wayne Paffhausen

      Based on your statement I believe this is what you are asking.  

      EPBCS Entity Dimension

      And move it to load to the following in the GL

      Entity Dimension LOB Dimension
      Entity1 LOB1
      Entity1 LOB2

      In DM there are no scripting capabilities, so Jython is out.  Your only approach is either going to be #SQL mapping or MultiDim mapping to get the data in that dimension to the required level.  They key is to make sure you get the data out of EPBCS in the right dimensions of DM so that the mapping can adequately take place.


    • Thejas Shetty

      Assume you have the dimension name in EPBCS as "Entity" & segment name in GL as "GLEntity" & "GLLOB".
      In the Import Format map the "Entity" dimension of EPBCS to both "GLEntity" & "GLLOB".
      This way the child members (LOB1,LOB2,LOB3,LOB4) etc appear in the source value of both "GLEntity" & "GLLOB".
      For data load mappings,
      GLLOB - Use * to * mappings. This means LOB1 will get posted to LOB1 in GL.
      GLEntity - Create explicit(or IN) mappings for LOB1,LOB2 to map to Entity1, LOB3,LOB4 etc to map to Entity2 & so on.
      Instead of explicitly defining the mappings for LOB to Entity in DM, you can maintain the relationships in EDMCS & automate the mappings(in case of any changes in EDMCS)
       by using the Map export function.