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    Arlene Buaron
    Print Receivables Transactions send email to all contacts...
    Topic posted October 2, 2019 by Arlene Buaron, last edited October 2, 2019, tagged Collections, Financials, Receivables 
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    Print Receivables Transactions send email to all contacts email addresses

    When an invoice is created with no contact and you run the Print Receivables Transaction, the program emails the invoice document to all the email address of the customer's contacts.  So, if the customer has 40 contacts, then the invoice is emailed to all of them.  Is this the way it is supposed to work?  How can we change it so that the invoice will be emailed only to the primary contact or don't send an email at all?



    • Sudhakara Rao Kovuru

      You need to customize and  change the bursting logic to pick only primary contact email so that it will go to this contact only


      SELECT max(cp.email_address) 
         FROM hz_contact_points       cp, 
              hz_cust_account_roles   acct_role 
        WHERE acct_role.cust_account_role_id = trx.bill_to_contact_id  -- ra_customer_trx_all                     trx,
          and acct_role.relationship_id = cp.relationship_id 
          and cp.owner_table_name = 'HZ_PARTIES' 
          and cp.contact_point_type='EMAIL'
          and cp.status ='A'
          and cp.primary_flag = 'Y'