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    John D Smith
    Let PPR continue automatically after approval
    Topic posted September 9, 2019 by John D SmithGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Payables 
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    Let PPR continue automatically after approval
    PPR Automation without user taking any action

    After manager approved PPR, it stopped at "Payments approved" status waiting for user to take action of either "Resume Payment Process" or "Terminate Payment Process". What we want is to continue the PPR to the end without human intervene - that is, no need for a user to click on "Resume Payment Process" button. Is there a way to do it?




    • Mitesh Kumbhat

      You can't skip this action. However we have provided REST services using which you can have more control on these actions. Read REST APIs for Payment Process Requests in Whats New of 19A