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    Katrine Haugerud
    Preview of Oracle Applications Cloud Release 12
    Announcement posted December 14, 2016 by Katrine HaugerudGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points, tagged Engagement Cloud, Financials, Fusion, General, HCM, PPM, Procurement, Release, SCM, Upgrade 
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    Preview of Oracle Applications Cloud Release 12
    Oracle Applications Customer Connect
    Hello Oracle Cloud User,
    To help you prepare for the upcoming Release 12, we are pleased to offer a preview of its new, modern business-empowering features. On the Release Readiness page, we have added content for Sales, Human Capital Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, and Common Technologies. Specifically, on this page you will find:
    red-bullets-10x24.gif Spotlights:  Delivered by senior development staff, these webcast-delivered presentations highlight top level messages and product themes, and are reinforced with a product demo.
    red-bullets-10x24.gif Release Content Documents (RCDs):  This content includes a summary level description of each new feature and product.
    Next, we will add (and announce) more Release 12 readiness content such as:
    red-bullets-10x24.gif What's New:  Learn about what's new in the upcoming release by reviewing expanded discussions of each new feature and product, including capability overviews, business benefits, setup considerations, usage tips, and more.
    red-bullets-10x24.gif Release Training:  Created by product management, these self-paced, interactive training sessions are deep dives into key new enhancements and products. Also referred to as Transfers of Information (TOIs).
    red-bullets-10x24.gif Product Documentation:  Oracle’s online documentation includes detailed product guides and training tutorials to ensure your successful implementation and use of the Oracle Applications Cloud.
    Access is simple...
    From the Cloud Site: Click on Resources > Release Readiness for Applications
    Thank you.



    • Jim Van Tongerloo

      There does not seem to exist any Release Readiness documentation for the Procurement Cloud, or am I mistaken?

      When will this be available?



    • Ramesh Bomma

      Hi Jim,

      Similar is already answered in the Procurement thread.

      as below

      Release 12 of Procurement Cloud contains urgent customer driven enhancements that have been delivered via a backport to Release 11, so there are no Release 12 materials specific to Procurement Cloud.  There are enhancements in the Enterprise Contracts area that benefit Procurement Contracts, and those are documented in the CRM R12 materials



    • Tamzin Visagie


      Is there a R12 release date as yet?  When will it become available for clients to start upgrading?



    • Vinay Soni


      My customer is keen in knowing when will Fusion HCM Release 12 be CA and GA?

      What are the dates for the availability of the upgrade?

      What is the lead time Oracle would provide for the upgrade?

      Alternatively, my customer would also like to know if we are in the middle of any crucial product deployments how long can we delay the upgrade for? In other words what is the latest we can taken on the upgrade?

      Would also like to know if customer's can skip the current Rel 12 upgrade and directly take on to Rel 13 (in case they find more value add in Rel 13 and also if they are better prepared for Rel 13)

      For eg. We are in currently on Rel 11 and in case we get a notification from Oracle to upgrade to Rel 12 and due to some reason we cannot  take on to Rel 12, how long will we be allowed to continue in Rel 11? And in case Oracle meanwhile goes to Rel 13 what is the path for us to get there ?

      Please respond at the earliest. 


    • Katrine Haugerud


      The upgrade prep for R12 has started with info being shared and sessions scheduled on the community. There is no date set yet as to when the upgrade will start for the various services, but the upgrade preparations are continuing, and you will receive notifications as soon as the upgrade is ready to start. There will be ample notice given.

      In the meantime, please continue to prepare for the upgrade by checking out the Readiness assets posted on this site:
      A second preview of the readiness assets will also be distributed today/tomorrow on the community.

    • Vinay Soni

      Hi Katherine, 

      Now that the Release 12 upgrade dates have been confirmed (Mid April to Mid September), my customer would like to know the Oracle provided dates for Release 12 upgrade from which customer can chose the dates which best suits them.

      I believe this information is available with the Cloud Application Administrator. Unfortunately I don't have access to the Cloud Admin currently. 

      Can you please let me know the dates on this thread itself?

      Alternatively, can you please let me know the Process to add my own name/ account to the Cloud Administration page? So that I may receive the announcements in the future as well?


    • Vinay Soni

      Any updates Katherine?