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    Ellie Sait
    Two Data Sources
    Topic posted November 8, 2019 by Ellie Sait, tagged Data Integration 
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    Two Data Sources
    What is the best method of bringing in and consolidating two data sources into TRCS?

    We have two data sets which need importing to TRCS, these data sets will have the same accounts, entities, jurisdictions etc but one data set is completed at local level and one contains supplementary adjustments by group. We would like to flag these data sets as being from separate sources but do need them to consolidate together. Can we use any dimension fields to solve this problem?




    • Brendan Petersen

      Without knowing the specifics of the situation and data set I could think of a couple of options. Have you explored using another movement besides TRCS_TBClosing (ie TBADJ) in your import format/mapping? If you go that route you'll need to consider the potential impact/use of the data in TBADJ for tax automation purposes. You could also explore creating a second adjustment entity set to hold the adjustments, and then enable parent tax calculation at the level where you want to perform the provision.For example, Entity B is the local level data set, and Entity C is the supplementary adjustment data set, both owned by Entity A where parent tax calc is enabled.

    • Julien Coudrette

      Hi Ellie

      Another option could be to use the Multi-GAAP dimension.

      You can have your local level adjustments in US GAAP or IFRS, and your supplementary adjustements on another member sibling to the local one and that rolls up to a US GAAP Total or IFRS Total parent where you would see the local and the supplementary information combined.