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    Brad Stefanoni
    BI Analysis and/or Report for Specific Fiscal Year per...
    Topic posted March 29, 2018 by Brad StefanoniGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged BI Publisher, Fusion Procurement reporting, OBI Answers, Reports 
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    BI Analysis and/or Report for Specific Fiscal Year per Specific Account Code

    I am needing to prepare either a report and/or analysis to show all purchase orders from a specific account code over a specific time period (ex: FY16). I have zero experience with Oracle's Business Intelligence reporting tool. Any suggestions for help and/or resources to help create such a report/analysis, please?


    Thank you.



    • Michelle Chen

      please use "Procurement - Purchasing Real Time" subject area

      "Time - Fiscal Calendar" for the time dimension attributes and "Accounting" dimension for account code attributes