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    SmartAssistant and clickstream reportsAnswered
    Topic posted November 25, 2015 by ilamukky Gold Medal: 3,500+ Points, last edited November 25, 2015 
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    SmartAssistant and clickstream reports

    Hello  :)

    I am trying to display SmartAssistant results before chat starts, based on the content of a text field on chat page. All is working well, but we noticed that clickstream reports contain some calls to Ask page (actionID = /IncidentCreate and /Ask), that is not called at all.

    I think that the call to KnowledgeFoundation (done in a custom model) is making these:

    $smartAssistantSuggestions = RightNow\Connect\Knowledge\v1\Knowledge::GetSmartAssistantSuggestions($this->getKnowledgeApiSessionToken(), $SAContentSearch, $keyValueList);

    $SAContentSearch contains only the text to be searched, and keyValueList is an empty array. The $smartAssistantSuggestions result object is correctly populated and then displayed, the only problem is those entries on clickstream table.

    Am I making something wrong in the call, or it is a predefined behaviour that cannot be avoided?

    I tried also with Knowledge::GetSmartAssistantSearch and ContentSearch::SearchContent methods, but I was not able to get results from them.

    Thanks very much for any help ^^

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    Reports seem OK with GetSmartAssistantSearch  ^^



    • ilamukky

      UPDATE: I retrieved the results from GetSmartAssistantSearch and SearchContent... they are ok too.
      Tomorrow will see clickstream reports and let's hope well

    • ilamukky

      Reports seem OK with GetSmartAssistantSearch  ^^