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    Ekansh Jain
    Oracle Maintenance Cloud Integration with Oracle Time and...
    Topic posted May 14, 2019 by Ekansh JainBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Asset Master Data Management, Maintenance Analytics, Preventive Maintenance, Public Sector, Safety Management, Tip, White Paper 
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    Oracle Maintenance Cloud Integration with Oracle Time and Labor
    How to capture the resource time charged against the Work order into Oracle Time and Labor module


    We are looking to push the information related to the time taken by the resource (labor) against the work order from Oracle Maintenance Cloud to Oracle Time and Labor.

    My client is looking to push the information from Maintenance cloud to OTL so that labor has not to fill the time card for the time spent on Work orders.

    Please confirm.





    • Ted Chappell

      Hey Ekansh,

      Can you confirm where OTL lives—on-prem or cloud?

      In either case, I’ve run into very similar challenges on a few other projects related to Oracle Maintenance Cloud. As you know, OMC is still a relatively young product compared to some of the other modules.

      That said, our team has accomplished this by implementing a light-weight tool that can run the process in the background. Let me know if you’d like to discuss in more detail.


      • Ekansh Jain

        Hi Ted,

        Thanks for your response.

        Its OTL Cloud.

        Yes, I would like to discuss the light-weight tool that you have implemented that can run the process in the background.



        • Ted Chappell


          Thanks for the reply. I'm traveling to the Great Lakes Oracle Conference this week, but I will follow up in a private message so we can connect directly. 


          • Gurdarshan Singh

            Hi Ted,

            We have a similar requirement and would like to hear about the solution that you have mentioned. Please let us know your convenient time to discuss the same.


            Gurdarshan Singh

    • Jennifer Allen

      Hi Ekansh-

      I hope Ted can help you as they are very creative and have more experience with this than I do.

      I did check our documentation:

      And we don't have the GET service (to search/query) for material,resource and operation transactions.  We are using the base MFG codes for the REST service.  I have asked Dev to check with our MFG brethren on this and see if they have come up with some codes. We believe they are working on this requirement.