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    Marc Rose
    Supplier Invoice GL Coding Audit Report
    Topic posted December 21, 2017 by Marc RoseRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged General Ledger, Payables 
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    Supplier Invoice GL Coding Audit Report
    Looking for an audit report that shows the GL coding of suppier invocies to review for accuracy

    We process hundreds of Supplier invoices every week.  We need a report that we can review to ensure the accuracy of the GL coding to eliminate manual reclasses after the fact.  Distribution Sets are too cumbersome to set up and maintain and are also very limited in their functionality when a Supplier is shared across multiple Balancing Segment values.  Thank you.



    • Sameh Soliman
      Hi Marc
      New AP invoice distribution workflow will be shipped in the second release of r13 so you can route your incomplete distribution scanned invoices using workflow.
    • Marc Rose


      Thanks but I'm looking for simple more basic.  We are a small company, we don't use workflow.  I want a report that I can review to make sure that supplier invoices are coded properly.  My AP person processes them but given the volume of transactions, mistakes are made in GL coding.  I want someone else on my team to have the ability to review a report to catch potential coding errors. 

    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      I think you can use OTBI.

      In OTBI Subject Area: ""Payables Invoices - Transactions Real Time" you can check accounting on:

      - line level
      - distribution level
      - accounting level

      I think you are interested in distribution level (before create accounting is Ran (before SLA))

      => then it is quite straightforward to create Master Detail form to check the invoices or to implement some Business Controls on some particular cases...

      If you can give some example on what kind of view you are looking for, then I can try to create you a sample report.

      The other chance would be BIP report, if some data is not available or more complicated control cases need to be created.

      My questions regarding the process:
      - do you allow invoice to be processed further (paid, moved to gl) before it is verified / checked?
      - you could use SLA rules or crossvalidation rules as well to block some cases automatically
      - you could implement Approval Workflow for some cases were is the highest possibility of error. WF can be as simple as to root all the invoices to some person for accounting verification


    • Marc Rose

      I want a report that shows every supplier transaction for a given date range.  I would want to see

      • Supplier Name,
      • Site
      • Invoice Date
      • Reference
      • GL Distributions (Code Combination)

      I don't need special rules, cross validations or Workflow, just a simple Supplier audit report so I can see where my AP are coding invoices.  Oracle seems to over complicate everything and then can't handle the most basic requests.

      Thanks for your help.


    • Becky Alvarez

      Have you looked at the Invoice Register?  If that doesn't work, you can very easily create one, probably in less time than it took to post these comments.

    • Alexey Shtrakhov

      Thanks Becky for your advise.

      We finally decided to go for a custom OTBI report based on Payables Invoice Register. (We saw that existing BIP Report would require much more time to modify/simplify the template + there is missing information on invoice approval status in the datamodel)

      Our requirement is a simple list of invoices. With the possibility to filter as well on:
      - Invoice Approval and Validation Status or alternatively listing all the invoices for a particular period +  invoice date + invoice entering date
      - Account / Cost Center filter

      One of the required listing is by Natural Account and Period. This is mainly to track particular cases for period close.
      Another listing is by Supplier.

      Listing should be as simple, short as possible, but still include distribution account and basic invoice header info.

      @MARC, if you are still interested can provide you a catalog file, after will get the report ready.

      With respect

    • Shivmohan Purohit


      This will be useful if you can share calalogue file , we have similar need on AP reporting. 

    • Alexey Shtrakhov


      Ok, attached you now this base listing.

      Zip includes 3 files:

      Invoice Listing.catalog   --> this is the main dashboard (install to where ever you want)
      Invoice Listing Prompt.catalog  --> this is the prompt for dashboard (install it to /shared/Custom/Financials/Payables/Prompts/
      Invoice Listing Report.catalog  --> this is the main report for the dashboard (install it to /shared/Custom/Financials/Payables/Reports/

      Report has 3 different layouts:
      - account based  (default)
      - supplier based
      - summary

      Prompts has some default selections for:
      Invoice Accouting Status: we are interested for not yet fully accounted invoices (before final accounting)
      Invoice Approval Status (we are interested for not yet approved invoices. For you I activated as well Not Required option, so not required cases will be populated as well)

      => this listing can be used for already transferred invoices as well, by just modifying the Prompt parameters while running the report or setting the prompt defaults in the dashboard/prompt settings.

      Some columns are hidden. So you can include them on the report if needed.

      Feel free to modify further and so on, if you see it as a useful base.

      In our case we will start to use this as the base report to follow the invoices waiting the approval and initial handling during the period end closing. So before sweeping we can check what are the potential invoices for accruals.


      Let me know if you have any issues / questions.