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    Sreejit Nair
    How to search multiple value in rest service using finder...
    Topic posted July 7, 2019 by Sreejit NairGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged REST 
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    How to search multiple value in rest service using finder method
    How to search multiple value in rest service using finder method


    Need some advise on the rest service using finder method

    the syntax says, <finder>;<attr1>=<val1>,<attr2>=<val2>.

    example: finder=MyOpportunitiesFinder;Name=Local,Country=UK

    if I want to search "Name" with values 'Local' or 'External', how can I search?

    I tried below but didn't seem working
    finder=MyOpportunitiesFinder;Name='Local' OR 'External',,Country=UK




    • David Konecny

      In VB you create Filter Criterion object which gets automatically encoded into low level URL call. See for example "Call REST Action" action and one of its properties is requestTranformOptions which has property "filter" where you could create array of two items one for Name=Local and second for name=External with "OR" operator between them.



      • Sreejit Nair

        Hi David,

        The problem is that when I call this REST API using SOAP UI I am not able to get both value. It could be that in finder which is predefined where clause we cannot search multiple value for same attribute.

        finder method syntax is : <finder>;<attr1>=<val1>,<attr2>=<val2>.

        example: I want to check if we can use the syntax similar to , <finder>;<attr1> in (<val1>,<val3>),<attr2>=<val2> ?



    • Shay Shmeltzer

      Is your service supporting the type of call you are trying to do? If it doesn't then there is nothing VB can do to force it to do the search you need.

      If you are using ADF BC based services - you should be able to specify any random query using the Q parameter to the service - which allows you to pass a where clause to the VO.