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    Activities not appearing in Interaction history
    Topic posted September 20, 2018 by ReghuBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, last edited September 20, 2018, tagged Channels, Configuration and Administration, Integration, Performance - Fusion, Reporting and Analytics, Service Request Management, Setup and Configuration, UX 
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    Activities not appearing in Interaction history
    Task of type 'Call' not appearing in Interaction history

    Dear Team,


    I would like to understand more about this interaction history tab.  as I understand its capable of tracking and listing all the interactions across channels w.r.to the SR. 

    Say a customer is visiting store and as an Agent I am logging a Task of type'call' or something of that sort (basically an activity which is also a customer interaction), the task is not appearing under Interaction history. 

    Why is that?  Is it fetching for a  different table?  If yes, do we have a provision to create an entry in Interaction history  like Via WS?



    • Ashwini Sharma

      Hi Raghu,

      Interaction History is basically for Logging the Interaction details of Customer with the agent.

      Activities like Phone Call, E-mail, etc are recorded in Interaction History. 

      You can test this through Call simulation provided in R13 of EC.

    • Reghu

      Hello Anshwini,


      Thanks for your response.  I created an Activity of type task with subtype call under an SR, but that's not appearing under the interaction history subtab.

      Could you please share some reference for the call simulation feature?

      Also, I tried the interaction REST API  and tried to create a reference object as SR, but always getting invalid command error.



    • Reghu

      Any updates?