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    Ronnie Batten
    Profile Updates in Customer Connect
    Topic posted January 26, 2017 by Ronnie Batten, tagged Help Center, Networking, Personal Settings and Preferences 
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    Profile Updates in Customer Connect



    I've recently had a change of e-mail and updated my MOS account accordingly.  As a result of this I was unable to access my customer connect account without creating a new profile, the one I'm posting this query through now.

    How can I arrange for my 2 profiles to be merged so that my connections, posts and subscriptions are not lost?  Alternatively can I get my other profile updated with my new e-mail address and this profile cancelled?

    I have raised this as an SR with MOS and they have advised me to e-mail but this is not a valid email address apparently.

    Also I have noticed whilst looking on how to update my profile that there doesn't seem to be an option to unsubscribe to this application so I was wondering how if my circumstances were to change and I no longer needed to access Customer Connect that I could end my profile account?

    Any help and/or guidance would be greatly appreciated.





    • Arun Kumar Krishnan

      Yes, I would like to know as well on the same. How do we manage with the existing profile, when we have a change in email address?

    • Mimi Won Yuen

      Please send your request to

    • claire marquez

      Hi, my customer seems to have an account created in Customer Connect by another colleague but now this customer cannot log in. How to fix the issue?

      His email address is

      would appreciate your kind rsponse. Thanks.



    • Nagendra Vemana

      Hi Experts,

      Any one have good knowledge on EDMCS projects.I have small doubt can you please clarify this queries.

      1. Hierarchy Sets:What is the major purpose of Hierarchy sets,is it just parent/child relation or other perspectives as well.

      2.Node Sets:How to filter the Node Sets exclude or include the Top Nodes is it possible.(Ex: i have three Top nodes are in one view point- account,Entity,Department.How to exclude the department on  Node Sets.i want seen only Account and Entity only. Can you please any one help us.if you have any documents please provide as well it will be more helpful to me.)

      3.How to migrate from DRM to EDMCS for Client requirements.(How to move the data like .xml(Properties files),metadata,Users). 


      Could you please provide the related informations,urls,doc etc.




      Nagendra Vemana.