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    Vi Giout
    Is there a way to delete inactive user sessions
    Topic posted March 18, 2019 by Vi GioutBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Configuration 
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    Is there a way to delete inactive user sessions
    Is there a way to delete inactive user sessions

    We have a user which has performed several logins without having logout. Since then, each times the user tries to login again, a message is displayed that "maximum number of sessions exceeded" along with an option to "Delete the oldest user session and login". After checking that option it is possible to login.

    Apparently these sessions does not have a timeout, I understand that this comes from the setting of the default login policy we are using:

    I have tried to delete the browser cache in case this helps but this doesnt help and I understand that the sessions are kept in the server. I checked to see if there is an option to delete all sessions from the Users screen but didnt find anything. 

    Does anyone know how to handle this? 




    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Vassiliki,

      Your findings are correct.
      If you decrease the expiration time, then you will force the users to login more often and maybe this situation is also avoidable. If the user try to access OFSC on the same device / browser where they're logged in before (and the session isn't expired), then no repeated login necessary.
      IMO the best approach is to teach them to logout every time after their daily work is finished.
      You can try to disable and re-enable the relevant user account to see if it's impacting on this situation or not.


      • Erlin Garcia

        Good afternoon,

        Hi Zsolt,

        I have this same problem, I will do what you indicate to teach them to close session.

        Now, should they first ENDTHE ROUTE and then CLOSE SESSION?

        Or logging out is enough to avoid these inconveniences?