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    Evelyn Mei
    Chatbots - How To Transform the Future of Supply Chain
    Topic posted April 24, 2018 by Evelyn MeiRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited April 24, 2018, tagged SCM, Transportation Management 
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    Chatbots - How To Transform the Future of Supply Chain

    As far as emerging technologies go, Chatbots are everywhere. They are the automated agent customers talk to when they dial a customer service hotline; the personal assistants embedded in smart phones and many smart devices; they exist in cars to make driving easier; they can even entertain people who want to chat for fun or even provide emotional support for when someone needs companionship. Oracle has invested considerable resources into building an industry-leading Chatbot platform. Learn how Oracle’s Intelligent Bots Service, which uses cutting edge AI and NLP powered by machine learning integrated with Oracle SCM Cloud, will be able to easily detect users’ intentions, respond appropriately with desired information, and perform business transactions.

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    • Karl Baker

      Very interesting - I've read several articles from large LSPs (Logistics Servicer Providers) looking to incorporate Chatbots as the starting point for many of their customer service inquiries.  Most of the use cases/flows have the Chatbot handling the high volume basic inquiries (where is my order/shipment etc) with the option to punch out to a real person/Customer Service Rep (CSR) if the inquiry is more complex/involved than what the Chatbot has been designed to support. 

      For example:

      Chat Bots – DHL is looking into using autonomous customer service representatives by using deep learning-based natural language processing (NLP) technology, such as Amazon‘s Alexa, to automate some of the easier interactions between customers and DHL’s customer service representatives.

      “Automating some of the low-level queries with chat bots can really increase the value of each interaction between customer and [human] agents by letting them focus on more high-level queries,” Gesing says. “That basically increases our throughput by a multiplier, not just a marginal increase.”

      I can see a lot of possibilities for front ending the Oracle Global Trade and Transportation system with a Chatbot.