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    How to assign grade to a lot, based on quality results
    Topic posted November 14, 2019 by MNReddy 
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    How to assign grade to a lot, based on quality results


    In manufacturing cloud, we are able generate the finished goods lots but unable to enter the lot grades. We want to override the default lot grade based on quality results as well.

    Can we opt "Raise an Event" In action rule and achieve this requirement ?  

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    • Melanie Grosser

      Yes.  You can define an action rule to "Raise a Business Event", and then call any REST Service, process, etc that you would like through the use of the functionality available in Integrated Cloud Service(ICS).  You will need to check with the Inventory folks to find out if there is a REST service or other API available for you to call to perform the actual grade grade change.

      • MNReddy

        Hi Melanie,

        Thanks for the confirmation.

        I found an REST API for the Lot update but I worried like where to pass the required parameters details like from Grade A to Grade B, when inspection plan results meets the action rule condition. I couldn't see any such parameter in inspection plan level ( Action Rule Level).  Does we have any provision in ICS business event / REST API configuration level?

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    • Melanie Grosser


      There is no way to pass additional parameters when raising the business event from the action rule. The only parameter that is passed when the rule is raised is the id of the inspection event.  You can use that id from within ICS to call the Inspection Events REST API to get the lot number and disposition information, and then build in IF/THEN/ELSE logic to determine/pass the appropriate grade to the lot related REST API for the lot grade change. I suggest that you have a look at the capabilities that are built into ICS.  It is a really flexible and powerful tool for building logic into your process and integrations.