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    Tom Smits
    Resolve Composite Bag Variabele
    Topic posted November 16, 2018 by Tom SmitsGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Conversational AI, Mobile, Virtual Assistant 
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    Resolve Composite Bag Variabele
    Using the commonResponse component, a composite bag is only valued when the first response item is answered

    Hi all,

    Currently, I'm working on a Digital Assistant that creates an appointment request for potential leads. I created a composite bag with the entities date, time, location and employee. However, when i ask something like this: "can i meet with "John Doe" tomorrow at 12pm in Amsterdam?". The bot asks for a date. When i respond with "tomorrow at 12pm in Amsterdam" it fills the appointment composite bag with all the matched entities.

    Why didn't this happen when i was asking the first question? I've provided the code below.

    Kind Regards,




    Version 18.3.2_1808150141
    Code Snippet:



    • Ameur Baccoucha

      Hi ,
      - are you sure that you integrate a date entity in the composite bag ? 
      - try to use a derived entity to define the date with "at" prefix i think like that it will work for you 
      - also you have to add a time entity for the TIME \


    • Tom Smits

      Hi Ameur,

      Currently, I have the MakeAppointment intent with the entity composite bag "Appointment Details". Within this composite bag are the entities Employee, "TheDOCLocation", Date and Time. I'm that far that the bot directly answers with the right questions, but now the appointment.value.Employee and appointment.value.TheDOCLocation etc won't return any values. The appointment.value output indicates that the values are being recognized, but something is going wrong with outputting the results. 


    • Tom Smits

      Here some extra screenshots

    • Tom Smits


    • Grant Ronald

      Works ok for me with a straight composite bag with resolveEntities (not using the CRC)


      • Tom Smits

        Hi Ronald,

        Is there any chance that you can provide me the code (exported bot) that you have used in this example?

        Kind regards,