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    Dave Dengate
    Displaying Unmasked Bank Account
    Topic posted April 3, 2017 by Dave DengateBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Public Sector, Supplier Creation, Supplier Profile Management 
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    Displaying Unmasked Bank Account
    When Maintaining Bank Accounts we need to see the full Bank Account number

    There are occasions when our Account Payable's manager need to see the full bank account number to ensure we are creating duplicates or allocating the wrong Bank Account to a Supplier.

    Is there a way within Fusion where the full Bank Account Number (I.e. 12345678, not xxxx5678) can be displayed.?



    • Iliyas Syed


      Please refer this document "Oracle Fusion Applications Credit Card and Bank Account Encryption (Doc ID 1504285.1)"


      Iliyas Syed

    • Janardhana Kondaveeti

      Hi Dave,

      The issue is caused by the following set-up:Manage Cash Management Profile Options

      For Internal Bank accounts, the profile option  quoted below is correct. It only has one option.  On View pages, Bank account numbers are always masked.
      If you want to see the unmasked number, you can do it from the below steps

      Login to Application->Navigator->setup and maintenance->search "Manage Cash Management Profile Options"
      and select Profile option code: "CE_MASK_INTERNAL_BANK_ACCT_NUM" and search

      1. We currently only have one security option set in Functional Set up Manager  : "Manage Cash Management Profile Options"
      Profile option code: CE_MASK_INTERNAL_BANK_ACCT_NUM

      The profile option : CE_MASK_INTERNAL_BANK_ACCT_NUM: Profile Values is "No Masking" and save and close the application

      reset the issue.!


    • Dave Dengate

      Thanks for both the posts, however it is the External Bank Account that our AP manager needs to view Unmasked.



    • Dave Dengate


      I had to write a BI Publisher report which would bring back all Bank Accounts for a entered Sort Code. The SQL for the data model is :-

      select distinct 
        and   "IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS_V"."BANK_NAME" LIKE :Sort_Code

      Hope this helps

    • Mitesh Kumbhat

      You cannot disable encryption once enabled. However you can change masking settings to display all digits.

      Additionally, below MOS note can be useful to identify supplier bank account assignments:

      • Searching Supplier Bank Account Assignments in Fusion (Doc ID 2433249.1)
    • Alan Rowland

      My users have the same request.  The R12 EBS functionality would be much easier to work with than going back and forth between a BI report and the application.

      • Mitesh Kumbhat

        Agreed. However as the product boundary is different in Fusion compared to EBS for this case, this is an open ER in POZ. Meanwhile considering the customer's pain point, we have thought to provide an alternative solution in the interim.

    • Suresh Kumarasamy

      We have the same requirement, our AP manager want to see full bank account numbers. If somebody able to make role wise restriction to view only selected role, please share it with this forum. 

    • Ashish Patidar


      You can do the unmasking of external bank account numbers from 'Manage System Security Options'

      For Internal bank account masking/unmasking you can follow the profile option 'CE_MASK_INTERNAL_BANK_ACCT_NUM'


      • Gopalakrishna Bulasala

        But above option (Manage system security options) is at application level.

        Is there any option on unmasking by role or user other than BI Publisher report?

        Thank you.


        • Mitesh Kumbhat

          No option to configure security settings at role or user level. It is always at application level. We already have an ER for this.