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    William McLarty
    Need Supplier Registration to Validate Address by Zip Code...
    Topic posted March 6, 2019 by William McLartyGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Public Sector, Supplier Creation, Supplier Registration 
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    Need Supplier Registration to Validate Address by Zip Code + 4
    Need Supplier Registration to Validate Address by Zip Code + 4

    We have a requirement that the supplier address is fully validated by the zip code plus 4.  Our existing suppliers will be converted in (We have a program that is integrated with the main frame to do this).  We have not found a way to have Oracle do this validation in the supplier registration link (nor when creating a supplier on line).

    Is there some setting that will allow Oracle to do this automatically, or is there a 3rd party solution that can be called to do this validation?




    R13 19A



    • Hong Gao

      You can consider loading postal code extension through Import Geographies into the existing geography setup.  And follow these steps to add postal code extension to the address format:

      - Navigate to Setup and Maintenance > Task: Manage Address Formats > Go to Task

      - Search for Country, for example United States
      - Edit the US postal address format
      - Add to the layout Prompt = Postal Code +4 Address Element = Postal Code Extension
      - Click Save and Close

      Postal code extension is in the structured geography data.