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    Patrick Daniels
    reporting tied to KPIs - a fun exercise
    Topic posted May 6, 2019 by Patrick DanielsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Accounting Hub Cloud Service, Cash Management, Collections, Expenses, Financials, General Ledger, Help Center, Reports, Sample Reports, Tip 
    reporting tied to KPIs - a fun exercise
    If you could identify champion users (of Financials Cloud) what would you track?

    By champions, I mean users who are successfully using the tool to help meet your organization's KPIs.  For example:  Let's say one of your KPI's is to reduce processing errors to help close the books faster.  Is there a user stat you can track to identify which users are thriving in this area?  What about other examples?  I'm hoping to get some great feedback.  Again, in summary...what user stats have folks found useful to track that allow you to identify champion users?  And what KPIs have you noticed are being impacted by these findings?  Thanks!