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    Geetha Devi
    How to integrate oracle bot with google hangout?
    Topic posted October 16, 2019 by Geetha DeviBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged API, Bots, Conversational AI, Messaging, Mobile, OMCE, Slack, Tip, Virtual Assistant, VPA, WeChat 
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    How to integrate oracle bot with google hangout?
    how google hangout as oracle chat-bot UI.

    I have configured the webhook channel in oracle digital bots.


    And publish the hangout chat API  based below document 



    what is the next thing I need to do to see the oracle bot in hangout chat UI?

    attaching the code to hangout chat.

    How to run this code? how to integrate this code with hangout.

    Need an urgent help with this.






    • Grant Ronald

      Hi - unfortunately Webhooks are the "DIY" of channels - do it yourself - I don't think I have an example specifically with Google Hangouts  - although we did publish an article on building a webhook with Google Home

      This should at least give you the idea of what to do.

      hope this helps

      • Geetha Devi

        Hi Grant,

        Below is the step I performed for hangout integration

        1. Login to the enterprise [admin console]( for the GSuite domain.

        2. Navigate to `Apps -> G Suite` and turn on Hangouts Chat

        3. Click on the **Hangouts Chat** item to configure with **Bot Options** enabled.

        4. Use the Google app menu to open the Hangouts Chat application. !

        5. Configure and publish a bot for Hangouts according to [the documentation] ([Enable api]

        6. Download the credentials. Save as ./google_service_account.json

        7. Go to API console and select created projects.

        8. Open the project and get the dashboard.

        9. Enable the hangout chat API.

        10. Configure the chat API for publishing the bot.

        11. Using the ngrok we find a host for port 3000. Host:

        12. Create a webhook channel in Oracle bot and select the skill.

        13.Used the SDK client for communicating with oracle bot with hangout.

        14.Getting the output console as “chat app listening” . But, in the ngrok console getting 404 and 502 error. An error has occurred when I chat through the hangout window.

        Could you please help with this error?'

        please find the attachment


    • Grant Ronald

      are you using ngrok because your instance of ODA is internal?  

      • Geetha Devi

        Yes i am using ngrok. what should instead of ngrok host url for ODA  internal.

        Could you please help me with this?

    • Grant Ronald

      Slightly confused - how do you have an internally hosted version of ODA - this would only be possible if you were an Oracle emp - we did have some builds for some partners but these would be quite old now

      • Geetha Devi

        Hi Grant,

         Thanks for your replay.

        I am using the below ODA version through Oracle mobile hub. I believe it is not an internal ODA  because I am not an Oracle emp.

        please see below screenshot the  URL and version of ODA. Appreciate if you could help us here.

    • Grant Ronald

      ok in which case I am not sure why you are using ngrok - is there something which is behind your firewall you are trying to connect to?  Sorry if I am missing something