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    Hong Gao
    Supplier Portal Security - What
    Topic posted December 19, 2017 by Hong GaoGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Security, Supplier User Account, Tip 
    Supplier Portal Security - What
    What can supplier users do in Supplier Portal?

    This is determined by the job roles assigned to a supplier user. 

    First, IT Security Manager performs the setup task Manage Supplier User Roles to define what job roles can be provisioned to supplier users. After that, supplier contact user account can be requested through registration flows or created via the Suppliers work area.  Role assignment is required while creating a user account. 

    TIP: After IT Security Manager determines the list of roles that can be provisioned to supplier users, Procurement Application Administrator can optionally set up the list of roles, which will be a subset of the supplier-provisionable roles specified earlier, that can be defaulted during user account creation.  On Manage Supplier User Role Usages setup page, roles can be marked as either Default for Supplier Portal and/or Default for Sourcing.  In the registration initiated from Sourcing negotiation flow, the roles marked as Default for Sourcing will be defaulted.  In other flows such as external supplier registration, supplier management, etc., roles marked as Default for Supplier Portal will be defaulted to expedite the user creation.