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    Tanya Paroz
    Follow up responses to questions raised on the Customer...
    Topic posted September 17, 2015 by Tanya Paroz 
    Follow up responses to questions raised on the Customer Roadmap Webinar (Jeff Wartgow) earlier this...

    Is there any plans for configuration deployment tools. I.e. export from 1 system and import into another?

    Oracle Field Service Cloud is committed to making our software as easy to configure as possible.  In the next two releases, we are have completely revamped many of our configuration screens and are rolling out configuration logs.  In regards to configuration development tools, (export from 1 system and import to another), we have no immediate features on the roadmap, but we would love to hear from you would you think would make the most impact.

    The 2 way authentication that exists for Outbound API, is this being added to other APIs? I.e. Capacity, Inbound etc?

    There were no changes to authentication in the capacity API or the Inbound API. If this is something that is critical we recommend submitting the request to the Ideas Lab and we will review it.

    Right Now knowledge base - if we have exisiting propietary knowldge bases do these need to be migrated to RN Knowledge base of can RN KB integrate with existing databses?

    Speaking for Field Service, I believe a customer could do an integration with a proprietary knowledge database using our standard API layer.  However, in regards to migrating an existing proprietary knowledge base into the RN Advanced knowledge, content would need to be migrated.  However with federation, they could crawl external HTTP content.

    Right Now and Oracle Field Services integration - as this is relatviely new are there reference customers who have been able to tightly integrate these two systems and are their expereinces able to be shared?

    To start, Oracle Field Service cloud has a successful track record of integration with hundreds of backend systems, so regardless of what you want to integrate into the application, you should have a good experience.  Speaking to RightNow in particular, the uptake on the integrated solution has been quite impressive since we launched it in May and there are currently at least four deployments in progress.