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    Sivaraj Shanmugham
    Enforce Attachment on Questionnaire and send it to Supplier...
    Topic posted April 22, 2018 by Sivaraj ShanmughamBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Qualification Question, Qualification Rule Set, Questionnaire, Questionnaire Response 
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    Enforce Attachment on Questionnaire and send it to Supplier Profile
    When Suppliers attach one or more documents on the Questionnaire tab, how do we automatically store it on Supplier profile ?

    We are planning to configure the Questionnaire tab to ask Supplier to upload W9 form. This will be a response that requires an attachment. 

    Upon review of the registration request, the attachment is visible under the Questionnaire section on the Supplier registration request. Once we approve to "Spend Authorized", I am unable to view the document on the Supplier profile. Instead, I have to click on the Registration link request to view the Questionnaire section. 

    Is there an option to make the attachments visible on the Supplier profile without have to go through multiple clicks?  

    Since the Supplier registration - Company Details does not enforce attachments, we were told that SQM will address this gap. But the attachments from Questionnaire tab are not readily available for Procurement team to view. 




    • Faustina Setyadi

      Hi Siva,

      Currently this is not supported yet. We will review this as an enhancement.


    • Faustina Setyadi


      The qualification that contains the question will be listed on the Supplier Profile's Qualifications tab and you can access the response attachment from there. Will that work?

      1. Create an information only qualification area - W9 Info, that contains the W9 question.

      2. On the rule set's Registration tab, select the "Automatically create qualifications" option and add the W9 Info qualification area.

      3. After the supplier's registration is approved and the supplier profile is created the "W9 Info" qualification is also created. You'd need to finalize the qualification to make it active.

      4. Once the W9 Info qualification is finalized it is displayed on the supplier profile's Qualifications tab and you can access the W9 Form response attachment from the qualification.

      Hope this helps.

    • Sivaraj Shanmugham

      Hi Faustina,

      Thank you for your responses!
      I was able to create an "Information only" qualification area, but unable to complete step 2 from above. Unable to see Registration tab on "Supplier Registration Rule Sets" . 

      Appreciate your help on this. 




    • Faustina Setyadi

      Hi Siva,

      I've attached screenshots below.

      1. Rule Set: the Registration tab on the Rule Set page

    • Faustina Setyadi

      Another screenshot:

      2. Supplier Profile: the Qualification tab on the Supplier Profile


    • Sivaraj Shanmugham

      Hi Faustina 

      I have been trying this on R12 earlier. I just got into our R13 environment and able to relate to your earlier comments. 

      Will recreate the setup and provide an update. You have been very helpful, thank you!!