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    Nick Hirsch
    Supplier Portal Invoice Notification
    Topic posted November 1, 2019 by Nick HirschRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Supplier Portal Invoice Notification
    When invoice is submitted through SP, how can we set it up so our AP team get notified


    We have recently implemented the procurement module and I was wondering if someone could help with a couple of supplier portal queries.

    Firstly, when a supplier submits an invoice through supplier portal, it goes directly to their contact at the firm. The Accounts Payable function want visibility over it because the risk is that someone sits on the invoice and doesn't approve it.

    Is there a report/scheduled process that the AP team can run to capture the information? Or is it possible to set the Supplier Portal up so that when an invoice is submitted through the Portal our AP team get a notification?

    Finally, does anyone have any guides to the types of reports/scheduled processes you can run in relation to Supplier Portal?

    Thanks for your help


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    • Ashok


      I am sure the Supplier Portal folks would be happy to share some guidance on these questions. I will transfer this post to that team for further assistance.



    • Ashok


      Transferred from Self Service Procurement. Can your team take a look?

    • Alan Ng

      Moving to the Financials forum to get help on invoice related queries.

    • Catherine Hull

      I am also interested in relation to these questions.

    • Sanket Salve

      Dear Nick,

      Thanks for your question.

      I have recently implemented the Supplier Portal. There is no seeded notification available to notify the AP team that the Supplier Has Submitted AP Invoices.

      So we have developed a bursting report to solve this. Whenever supplier will submit the invoice, AP team members will get notified and also when the AP team will submit the Invoice Supplier will also get notified.


      Sanket S


      • Nick Hirsch

        Hi Sanket,

        Thanks for your response. Do you have any guidance on how to create a bursting report?