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    Kathy Miedema
    UX highlights in new Sales Cloud, ERP Cloud
    Announcement posted June 21, 2016 by Kathy MiedemaRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited June 21, 2016 by Bernice LamBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Architecture, BI, CPQ, Engagement Cloud, Fusion, General, Global HR, HCM, OAUX, PPM, Procurement, SCM, UX 
    UX highlights in new Sales Cloud, ERP Cloud

    OAUX Group Vice President describes what's guiding the user experience on


    Jeremy Ashley, who leads the Oracle Applications User Experience (OAUX) team, writes about the guiding design philosophies and highlights in new releases of the Oracle Applications Cloud.

    In the Oracle Sales Cloud, mobility is exactly where we’re focusing our cloud sales application design efforts today. Read more about how we’re designing a user experience that encourages participation in the Oracle Sales Cloud application on the OracleVoice blog.

    In the Oracle ERP Cloud, we understand that enterprise resource planning applications are highly complex systems. But the navigation and overall user experience should be as simple as possible. Oracle Thought Leader Jeremy Ashley writes about the Oracle ERP Cloud in Oracle​Voice: ERP UX Must Be Simple, Even When The Data Is Complex. In the screenshot below, these infolets in Oracle ERP Cloud Release 11 allow you to glance quickly at your top priorities, then click in to scan for more information if you need it and take action. This simplified UI is new to the Oracle ERP Cloud, but the design is based on user experience patterns that have been in Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud for the last several releases.