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    Zoran Kovač
    Invoke web service - BI agent or action
    Topic posted May 17, 2019 by Zoran KovačGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited May 17, 2019, tagged Business Intelligence, OBIEE Answers 
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    Invoke web service - BI agent or action
    Can we use Supplier Model Web service (SOAP) with "Invoke Web Service"

    Hello guys!

    I was trying to use invoke web service in an BI agent, but keep getting the error:
    Action rerun ID 8ACE181585706CF2CB0AA9D84431733D, execution service ID ea681ade-e0e3-4318-a27b-9a79ec6e03ea:Error invoking web service SupplierService at endpoint https://******
    Client received SOAP Fault from server : InvalidSecurityToken : The security token is not valid.


    1. Create an analysis

    2. Create an BI agent

    3. Add Invoke web service to BI agent

    4. Run BI agent returns error

    I'm using SupplierServiceV2 web service call which is functional when used through SOAP UI or PLSQL call. Main difference is that with SOAP UI or PLSQL I'm sending credentials of user which can use SupplierServiceV2. This is what I can identify as a problem, but don't know how to resolve. In BI "Invoke web service" doesn't have an option to set credentials for a web service.

    I did find some notes in the documentation that something has to be set in the security to browse web services, but we don't have access to web logic in SaaS sourcing and I'm not sure that browsing web services will help.

    I'm attaching screentshot of my steps.


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    • Milind Dalvi

      I do not think this functionality is fully baked in yet. We might have to wait for this functionality to available which will allow us to configure security details.

      You can access WSDL information without any security details.