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    amiresi sathish
    Data que setup in 643
    Topic posted September 17, 2019 by amiresi sathishRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Integration, Transportation Management, Upgrade 
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    Data que setup in 643
    Would like to understand how Data que work , i had configured data ques with one assumption but results are diffenrent, so posting this for confrim the functaionality

    Hi ,


    I had set up Data que INTEGARTION IN to process inbound messages with below configuration and with assumptions

    Thread Count = 8 (OTM can process 8 transmissions parallelly in each server )
    Batch Size = 50 (To load 50 transmission from staging to Data que to process)
    Polling Frequency = 15 sec (refresh every 15 sec to load data que, if data que completed its execution before 15 sec then immediately next batch will be pooled )
    Load Balancing = None & Thread availability (This is something new in 6.4.3)
    Also implemented process group logic to handle if  ERP sends order updates ( if shipment linked with one or more number of deliveries ) so that messages can process sequentially without locking..
    Actual behavior with above setup :   Messages loading to Data ques randomly every 3 or 4 sec , sometimes never load to data que even though there are threads available.
    Please help me in understanding the behavior of Data Ques and process group.. Thanks in advance.  





      Did you measure how much time it's taking to process order updates , ideally it should be near to the polling frequency? Did you use a filter in poller and what type of poller you are using ? Please refer Oracle doc id 2544304.1 it helped us in configuring our set up in cloud.