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    [Delivered Idea][15B]LearnCenter: Add a Filter to the...
    Idea posted March 10, 2011 by Jerry GriffinBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, last edited July 14, 2020 by Julio Marquez ORACLEBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Public Sector 
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    [Delivered Idea][15B]LearnCenter: Add a Filter to the Supervisor Accounts Page
    [15B]LearnCenter: Add a Filter to the Supervisor Accounts Page
    Use Case and Business Need:

    I would like to see a Search filter added to the Supervisor Accounts page (Control Panel >>Users >>Supervisor Accounts). We have over 6,000 supervisor accounts (132 pages) so trying to find a supervisor by using the navigation buttons to find someone can be very tedious and time consuming.

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    • Chris Killman

      I agree.  This would be a very helpful filter.  Please make this a priority!

    • Becky Little

      I also agree.

      In addition to the search filter, can you go another step and expand the Supervisor Accounts function to allow Admin to swap out a supervisor name, keeping the subordinates within that new name?  Ex: When a supervisor leaves the company, the subordinates listed under that person will remain the same.  The new supervisor replaces the old one, so the Admin simply swaps out the old with the new person, without having to rebuild an entire new subordinates list.  This would save us a lot of time.

    • Diane Tiger

      Yes!  I have over 1300 supervisors and no sorting controls!!!!

    • Diane Tiger

      Just encountered this again - please add filters to Supervisor Accounts page!

    • Diane Tiger

      Commenting to bring this to the front page.  Drives me crazy every time I am in here!

    • Brad Nye

      Any updates on this? The Supervisor Accounts page is still very basic and in need of some work (filters, permission profiles to assign specific access to entire groups of supervisors, abilily to move groups from one supervisor to another, etc)