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    Srinath Kannan
    Change URL of Instance
    Topic posted March 8, 2019 by Srinath Kannan 
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    Change URL of Instance
    How do we change the URL ?

    Hi all,


    A customer has created a new Service Cloud Production Instance and would like to change the URL of the production Instance.

    Please advise the process to be followed for the same

    Thanks and Regards



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    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      If a URL branding is required you will need to work with a Dynamic V Host. If it's the name of the interface that requires changing (due to a typing error) than it is Oracle you need to contact.

      I had branded URLs in the past and this was through an Iframe solution

      • Srinath Kannan

        Hi Sebastiaan,

        Thanks for the Reply. The customer has created a production instance of Service Cloud whose URL is "" and would  like to change it to"




    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Ah, that is something Oracle may be able to do for you by renaming the instance.
      My advice is to submit a service request. We have done this in the past when there was a typing error in one of the instance names.

    • Ajay Yadav

      You can change the interface Display Name by going SIte Configuration->Interface but you need to contact oracle support team to change the End User URL.

      we also hide enduser url by opening custhelp page in iframe. 

    • Sristy Arya

      Hi Srinath,


      You need to raise a Service Request with Oracle to achieve this by sharing the new URL you want to change to.