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    Rudolph Van Aswegen
    Smart View Report Maintenance
    Topic posted August 14, 2018 by Rudolph Van AswegenGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited January 30, 2019, tagged Reports 
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    Smart View Report Maintenance
    Smarter way to do Smart View report and minimise maintenance?

    We have a Smart View reports across multiple legal entities (7) with the reports required to be in a certain layout with a specific logo per entity. Reports include Income Statement, Balance Sheet and a management pack that combines both, but different versions of the IS like IS by cost center split, the IS by currency variance etc. So about 15 reports on average per entity. Furthermore, if a new account is added to the COA then Smart View doesn’t dynamically add it, you have to add it manually. So for every new account creation, all reports across all countries need to be adjusted (hence 15 x 7 report changes)

    For example the management pack:

    A Smart View query  is used to pull the actual data, so this tab has to be refreshed 1st before anything can happen.

    Then there’s a tab for IS and BS accounts that are manually entered to get the accounts in the actual report in a certain order.

    Then you get the actual report which uses some complex vlookup functions to pull the data from both the smartview tabs and the account tabs.

    Is there a better or smarter way to achieve this?




    • Rohan Kamat

      Hi Rudolph 

      You can try by creating a master copy of the all the Reports . This master copy can use Parent accounts and then you can zoom in to next levels to drill down to the child accounts .  Since you used the Parent hierarchy , when a new account is added , this would automatically show up if that child account is added in the hierarchy & further published to the Cube 

      Once the master copy is ready , you can use the Cascade functionality to replicate the same report for 7 entities