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    Amy Dunn
    Add "Does Not Contain" Operator for Queries within...
    Topic posted May 31, 2018 by Amy DunnBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited May 31, 2018, tagged Configuration, UX 
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    Add "Does Not Contain" Operator for Queries within major Objects
    Especially for Leads, a does not contain operator would be extremely useful. Any updates on if this is in queue for a future release?



    • Indrajit Sen

      Hi Amy, thanks for your post. Can you please give some examples of when your users may want to use "Does not contain", in Lead and may be some other heavily used objects e.g. Opportunities, Account, Activities?

      • Amy Dunn
        We would like to be able to set up List Views to be able to provide visibility to the appropriate Leads to be worked by each group filtering on Campaign Name when needed.

        For the focused groups, we would create List Views that look for where a Campaign Name EQUALS a specific value or CONTAINS a specific value (which is currently available in the system).  (Example:  Campaign Name 'contains' "WEB")
        For the Users NOT focused to the particular Campaign(s) we need a way of removing these Leads from their view to avoid multiple Users contacting the same person.
        Example:  Campaign Name 'does not contain' "WEB"
        Although there is a "Does Not Equal" operator available in the system it does not appear on the Campaign Name field...only the "Equals" operator.
        The "Does not Equal" operator does not work for these needs as it appears that you can only enter in 1 value into this field  & sometimes there will be more than 1 Campaign that is being focused on by other Users to where we would need to weed out more than 1 Campaign from the general queue.  Additionally, it is easier in a lot of scenarios to just add the one piece of verbiage that is common for the focused Campaigns to weed out the unneeded Campaigns from a Queue versus listing out the exact Campaign Names for every Campaign that should not appear in the "Does Not Equal" filter.

        Being able to filter to Accounts where the Parent Account does not contain specific verbiage to easily get a subset of Account records without having to run a BI report.
        Currently, the new "Does Not Equal" Operator does not appear for the Parent Account field either but even if it did there would be circumstances where it would be easier to enter in 1 or 2 commons words that the Parent Account "does not contain" then having to list out each Parent Account that we want to weed out.

        Being able to isolate a list of desired Contacts for a mass email listing.  In some scenarios, Reps would like to weed out customers whose email address contains a certain domain.
        Again, the new "Does Not Equal" operator does not appear for the Primary E-Mail field for a Contact, but even if it did it would be fairly useless in this scenario as in most cases, Reps will not know the exact email addresses of the Contacts to weed out & even if they did there could be hundreds containing the domain that they are attempting to weed out.
        Here, if they had a "Does Not Contain" operator they would be able to quickly create a mass email Contact list & enter in a filter to that says "does not contain" "aol" as an example to weed out all Contacts w/ an "AOL" email domain.