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    Creating PDF from mobility form
    Topic posted January 23, 2019 by AdamSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Configuration, Mobility / Mobile Apps 
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    Creating PDF from mobility form
    We need to generate pdf file for a particular mobility form and send it to customer email

    Our business is like we create a job in CRM and that job came across to field service cloud. It gets scheduled to a technician and that technician goes to the job site, performs the job and then at the end of the job he present a receipt to the customer that what services/work he has performed and what is the cost. We have configured fields in the Activity entity to display this customer approval form in the mobility. Currently one of the requirement is to convert that form into pdf and send a copy to the customer on his email. There is no documentation about this. Please need guidance how to achieve this requirement.




    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Adam,

      IMO just with external development. After the activity is closed, you can trigger a message scenario targeting to your local app, which make the PDF from the pure data get from the message, and send to the client. (I'm not sure about the signature can be sent through messages or not.)


    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Adam,

      You can subscribe to "activityCompleted" event and fetch all the details required for the activity. You can also get the signature using get_file(). Then you have to use some pdf library according to the programming language that you are using and create a pdf. I think your source system should have some functionality to create a PDF.

      For more info: