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    Rommel Ben Vasquez
    Can we see ATP details on during Entry prior to submitting...
    Topic posted July 22, 2019 by Rommel Ben VasquezBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Global Order Promising, Order Management 
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    Can we see ATP details on during Entry prior to submitting the Order.

    We are exploring the option to be able to check and see ATP details during Order Entry prior to submission of the order. Business wanted to know the supply source prior to sending the Sales Order to fulfillment. What options or workaround available for us to meet achieve this? 



    • Matt Johnson

      Order Management Cloud's order entry screen only provides information about the availability date, not the source that's being promised. However, there are web services (both a REST API called Available Supplies, and a SOAP service called Order Promising) that can provide these details to an external app. 

      • Rommel Ben Vasquez

        Using REST API and SOAP service, can this used to show details within the Order Capture UI. Business wanted to see these information. Thanks.

      • Rommel Ben Vasquez

        Is there a way we could mimic fulfillment process to determine the supply sources. Similar to Availability Check kind of functionality where supply source are determined up to the quantity.



    • Sunil Dabekar

      Hi Rommel,

      To my knowledge this is not possible purely by SAAS configurations.

      If you have VBCS provisioned then you can probably have such UI to invoke the needed WSs and retrieve the data for each of the sales order line(s).


      Alternatively ,you may want to post this in idea lab too .