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    Rory Chirmside
    Receivables SLA Mapping Segments
    Topic posted May 17, 2019 by Rory ChirmsideBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Receivables, Subledger Accounting 
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    Receivables SLA Mapping Segments
    SLA Mapping segments not carrying into distribution

    Has anyone needed to put an effective start date on their SLA mapping segments from the task Manage Mapping Sets: Receivables to get them to work? Our mapping segments are not translating to the distribution when our receipts clear. Their GL string is pulling from the receipt method's remittance bank. Is that working as intended?



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    • Neil Ramsay


      It's not clear from this description what you are trying to do. Is the Receivable or Cash Clearing account that you want to override in SLA? What is the mapping set input source value? Have you verified that it has a value for both sides of the transaction?

      Many thanks


    • Rory Chirmside

      Hi Neil,

      Its our Cash Clearing account that we want to override in SLA. The mapping input set source value is 991025. Can you specify what it means to have value verification on both sides of the transaction? As of right now, it has no value on either side of the transaction.

      Thank you,


    • Neil Ramsay

      OK. I now understand that you want to override the cash clearing account but I don't know why. What is the busines reason for overriding the cash clearing account - i.e. why doesn't  the accounted defaulted from the setup meet your requirements?

      Do you want to override the entire code combination or just a single segment value?

      Do you want to override the credit to cash clearing, the debit to cash clearing or both?

      What I meant by the source value is the name of the SLA source that you will use to override the value. Or is it a literal value?

      We may need to continue this discussion outside this forum if this can't be clarified easily.



    • Rory Chirmside

      Hi Neil,

      Thank you for your follow-up, we identified the issue. Our Rule Set under the Manage Accounting Methods task was not setup properly. I also neglected to mention that this was solely for Miscellaneous Receipts so my apologies for not previously stating that. 

      As you may already know, the Event Types under Manage Accounting Methods are seeded are may not be altered so a new one must be made. To extract our custom mapping segments we needed to first create the name and event class in the Manage Subledger Journal Entry Rule Sets task. Once that was setup, I was then able to pull the segments from mapping sets into the journal line for Receipts Cleared Cash.

      Back to Manage Accounting Methods, the seeded event class for Misc Receipt was disabled via the End Date and a new one was added using my custom name I built in the Manage Subledger Journal Entry Rule Sets task. Now our SLA Rule Set is properly overriding the accounts.

      Thanks again Neil for your comments. I hope this helps anyone else stuck in a similar situation. If you need more details please let me know.