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    dulce rodriguez
    question about System.OAuthAccountLink
    Topic posted September 27, 2018 by dulce rodriguez, last edited September 27, 2018, tagged Bots, Conversational AI, Messaging, Mobile, Virtual Assistant 
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    question about System.OAuthAccountLink
    component auth in bot with unwanted behavior
    We are developing a chatbot using the Intelligent Bots product in the version 17.4.5 with Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise. Our chatbot will use authentication with LinkedIn like described in this tutorial:

    However, our users are experiencing a strange behavior when they authenticate.
    The following procedure describes the steps we have taken to include authentication functionality
    1. We created a chatbot using the "New bot" option
    2. We add a system component "System.OAuthAccountLink"
    In the field "authorizeURL" we put the url of the authentication provider with the following structure:
    3. We save using the "Validate" option
    Apparently everything is fine, however when users run it they have the next behavior.
    a. Open the Bot.
    b. The bot goes to the LinkedIn site for authentication. 
    c. The user authenticate with valid data.
    d. Pressing the Allow button will download a response.txt file (unwanted behavior)
    e. The user has to manually close the browser to return to the chatbot (unwanted behavior)
    Could you help us avoid those unwanted behaviors?



    • Marcelo Jabali

      D (the empty response.txt file issue) has been reported before and we are in the process of fixing it.


    • Marcelo Jabali
      Not yet.
    • Frank Nimphius

      the fix seems to be scheduled for the next version (which then is branded Oracle Digital Assistant) of bots. No specific date for the release though. However, you should consider moving to a newer version anyway as since 17.4.5, which was the first and initial version of bot, we applied improvements to all areas of the cloud.