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    Raghuram Nanda
    Disaster Recovery for VBCS Instances
    Topic posted August 21, 2019 by Raghuram Nanda 
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    Disaster Recovery for VBCS Instances
    Disaster Recovery for VBCS Instances

    Does Oracle Manage Disaster Recovery for VBCS Instances? We are planning to build VBCS applications and evaluating one of two options:

    1) Use VBCS internal database - there is a storage limit of 5 GB

    2) Use VBCS with external DBCS - Expose DBCS data through REST Api

    In either case - what is the Disaster Recovery for VBCS based applications? Does Oracle Manage it? If so, can you please provide DR details.






    • Shay Shmeltzer

      This document is specifying what Oracle provides in that space -

      The short answer is that for VB, while we take care of backup and high availability, it will be up to you to implement disaster recovery.

      For the DB part you should be able to use the command line export utility to backup your data.

      If you'll use a regular database - you should be able to leverage further backup utilities that the Oracle DB provides - but that might be a better question on the DBCS forum.