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    Sachin Rathod
    Stop booking activities once quota consumed is 100%
    Topic posted September 12, 2016 by Sachin RathodBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Capacity / Quota 
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    Stop booking activities once quota consumed is 100%


    I have enabled %stop booking for a time-slot/Capacity Category combination. So once Quota used = Total quota for a time-slot/capacity category combination no activity should be created.

    1. When get_capacity is executed using Capacity Management API, it ensures no quota details are sent for that.

    2. But when I try to create activity using Inbound Interface API, it allows to create activity and due to which the used quota exceeds total quota defined for that time-slot/capacity category combination for that day.

    Is there any way I can stop booking at 100% through interface? I am using Inbound interface to create an activity.







    • Brett Wallace

      Hi Sachin,

      No there is not though OFSC. 

      The design of the system is such that allowing overbooking or preventing it, is the responsibility of the booking system (applicaiton outside of OFSC). Hence your booking system must check capacity in OFSC, and apply the rules to the results that are returned, and thus in your case prevent the call to create activity if capacity is not available. 

      The Inbound API and Activity API do not look at capacity when performing their create or update options, hence they do not know about capacity at all.