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    Katta Vamshi Krishna
    Local Learner Admins unable to find the Course or Offering...
    Topic posted June 18, 2019 by Katta Vamshi KrishnaBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged HCM, Security 
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    Local Learner Admins unable to find the Course or Offering that SuperUser created

    Currently, we are trying to setup two different Learning Admins, one based on Business unit who is a local Learning Admin and other is a Global Learning Admin who manages all business units across the Organization. However, if as a global admin with the US business unit creates a GDPR course, local Admin from India would not be able to find that course in order to enroll learners. We are expecting the Local Admin be able to search all the courses irrespective of who created the course. Currently, the Security setup using the Area of Responsibility using Business Unit as a criteria. Is this working as expected or did anyone come across this issue. 



    • Munna Yadav

      Hi Katla,

      Even I have faced the same issue, we have created multiple Learn admin roles based on country but the course or offering created with global learn admin is not searchable by Learn admin based on country. 

      I had raised SR with Oracle but did not get any solution for this issue.