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    JN Hutchinson
    Alternatives to RightNow Connect?
    Topic posted May 23, 2012 by JN HutchinsonGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, last edited May 23, 2012 
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    Alternatives to RightNow Connect?

    I apologize up front as this isn't *directly* a RightNow Connect question ... but rather a question about whether there is another way to approach this problem other than RightNow Connect.


    Here is what I want to do:


    I want to have the Answer workspace change it's behavior based on a value stored in a custom field in the current user's Staff Accounts table.

    If the rules allowed me to access Staff Account's table values, I'd be golden, but it doesn't look like that is possible. The only work around I've been able to think up is to use a custom build add-in to grab that value and return it to the rule.

    Basically, I want something like this to work in a rule:

    If custom_field == 1, Then hide X,Y and Z
    else if custom_field == 2, Then hide A,B and C

    Programming an add-in for this seems like overkill, but I haven't come up with anything else.  Anyone have any ideas/pointers?

    Joshua Hutchinson
    Rockwell Automation

    PS We are using the May 2011 release of RightNow.



    • Pathaksa Tongpitak

      It might not be an overkill at all if you managed to create a generic add-in which makes use of WorkspaceConfig properties to specify the fields and External Event names so you can use it on any Primary/Custom Object workspace you like.